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Marketing is becoming more important in today's B2B landscape...

As the go-to-market motion in B2B continues to evolve, marketing is becoming increasingly important in the overall success of a company's growth. Here's why:

Trust and credibility (Brand) are built over time through consistent, compelling, and valuable engagements. Marketing excels at curating these relationships at scale.

There is a distinct difference between creating and capturing demand, although both are critical for growth. Creating demand is about building a relationship (see above), capturing demand is about converting interest into opportunities. The former is most effectively handled by marketing, the latter is jointly owned with sales.

Pipeline velocity, deal size, and conversion rates can all be positively impacted by timely, relevant, and engaging touchpoints (outbound and self-directed) developed and delivered through marketing channels.

Improving the onboarding experience, proactively engaging customers (old and new), reinforcing and quantifying value, and prepping the renewal conversations can all be managed through the marketing engine.

Finally, for this short list anyway, Marketing can/should be at the tip of the spear when it comes to identifying target markets, ICPs, TAM/SAM/SOM, and customer journey mapping.

Those organizations that get it, and sufficiently resource the marketing team, will separate themselves from the also-rans in the coming quarters and years.

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