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B2B Go-To-Market is evolving.  Are you ready?

As the go-to-market motion in B2B continues to evolve, marketing is becoming increasingly important in the overall success of a company's growth.  A detailed understanding of your full funnel economics will reveal where marketing can accelerate revenue growth, improve key corporate metrics like gross and net retention rates, reduce churn, and create organizational value.

Check out the blog series talking about this evolution.

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Ed Locher - Principal
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Effective marketing is a beautiful combination of science, art, and intuition.  Within these pages, you will learn how to holistically manage people, processes, and technology to create a high--performing demand generation engine that resets expectations about marketing's contribution to organizational value.  This digital transformation represents a new era in marketing, an evolved state where data-driven decision making supplants guess and assumptions as the engine of growth.

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